Meredith Bingham

Meredith Bingham

fine art

Sometimes the circle represents people in my life, sometimes it is about myself, always it is about wanting to manifest something beyond what I see and experience in my day to day life…to show that we are flawed, broken and beautifully unfinished.
— Meredith Bingham



Bingham spends time layering the canvas with acrylic paints in different colours, scratching some off, spraying it with water to make the paint run. Then, in big, bold, fast movements, she adds the finishing touches. The energy of those final marks brings life to the canvas
— Linda Jansma, Robert McLaughlin Gallery
Bingham is an artist who is mastering the skill of restraint - giving us just the right amount of marks on each carefully considered canvas.
— Alissa Sexton, Consultant to the arts



Meredith Bingham’s work comes from the intuitive, the irrational and the accidental in the creation of a work of art. the idea of building up and breaking down colour and form until it becomes recognizable and “feels” complete. Once it is finished she believes in letting the art stand on its own as an object of interest in its own right, not necessarily as a representation of something else.


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